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EMPWR and VSI join forces!

With Hearthside Europe (former VSI) now being a part of EMPWR Nutrition Group, our product portfolio is being expanded within Europe offering even a wider range of capabilities matching your consumers needs.

By  joining  our forces, we will be providing new opportunities for further innovation in the growing nutritional bar category and we will build even stronger customer portfolios.

Let’s reshape the future of healthy snacking!


From vision to reality

The details make it delicious. Creating delightfully unique bars means partnering with our customers and customizing each step of the process.

Infinite possibilities

Let’s bring your bar visions to life. From enrobed dough bar to granola or nut bar, we’ll find that just-right combination tailored to your wishes.


Let’s co-create

From concept to creation, we're here to help you craft nutritious and delicious bars that will delight your customers. Our comprehensive process seamlessly guides you from prototype to perfection, ensuring every step of your bar-making journey is supported by our expert advice and guidance. Visit our website to discover more about our unique approach and how we can transform your bar dreams into a reality.