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Which texture do you prefer?

Our enrobed dough bars come in a variety of exciting textures, for you to pick your favourite or even combine them offering an unexpected mouthfeel to your consumers.

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Textures to excite


Chewy & chunky

Enjoy a luscious creamy caramel layer with crunchy peanuts and a chewy dough layer wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. This truly satisfying treat reminds you of your favorite confectionery bar.


Gooey & fluffy

Dive into a treat that offers the best of both worlds. Our delicious bars feature a gooey caramel layer that stretches with every bite, combined with a fluffy dough layer that melts in your mouth. It's a texture sensation that will leave you wanting.



From soft textures reminding you of fluffy marshmallows to airy pastries, we offer a wide variety depending on your consumers needs. No more tough, hard-to-chew snacks. Enjoy a delightful softness that’s easy on your palate.



Treat yourself to the rich and creamy texture of an indulgent hazelnut nougat or caramel paste core bar. Discover the joy of pure creaminess!



Our crispy bars are crafted to deliver a light, delicate texture that snaps satisfyingly with every bite. Experience the joy of a snack that breaks easily and offers an immediate, sharp crisp.



Are you craving a snack that delivers a bold, satisfying bite? Our crunchy bars are designed to provide a substantial, mouth-filling crunch. Each bite is packed with a satisfying texture that requires more chewing, making it the ultimate crunchy experience.

Enrobed bar

Discover our Enrobed dough bars

After discovering your brand vision and consumer target, we’ll inspire you with targeted prototypes to get things just right in terms of taste and texture. Our expert teams will guide you through the entire process to design your perfect bar, bespoke or off-the-shelf.