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  • High protein
  • Low sugar

Enrobed Dough bars

We know protein bars like we know the consumers who buy them. That’s how we are able to bring the two together, to target the specific needs of your consumers.

The lifestyle consumer can be seduced with delicious creamy protein bars that are high-protein and low sugar, but satisfy all their chocolate cravings.
For the consumer looking for plant-based alternatives, we can develop vegan or vegetarian indulgent products that give the needed protein content.

And for the sport-enthusiasts, we can develop the highest possible protein content while delivering an appealing taste and texture.

This product is available as:

Customizable Off-the-shelf

Our custom options

Together, we’ll create customised bars that are unique in taste and texture.

Smooth, fluffy or crispy? Uniform or with multiple layers? Or with a surprising core?

  1. iconMultilayer
  2. iconSingle Layer
  3. iconCore

Multilayer bars provide endless possibilities. Combine anything from paste 1 layers (e.g. caramel) to flavoured-dough 2 bases with or without inclusions 3 and top it off with sprinkles 4 however you wish. We’ll make you design in the right direction to satisfy any consumer. From dairy-based to vegan or vegetarian, depending on your market segment.


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Our off-the-shelf solutions

Our off-the-shelf protein bars are a great source of inspiration for further customisation. Or they could be your ready-to-go solution! Especially since they’re already designed, packaged and categorised by their recommended purpose.

Simply choose from a wide range of bars, adapted to a wide range of consumers: from lifestyle to sport and plant-based.

  1. Lifestyle protein bars
  2. Sport protein bars
  3. Vegan protein bars

A range of bars containing 20grams of protein. With two layers, nuts or inclusions, coated with chocolate… and topped with sprinkles. The perfect alternative for consumers who crave a confectionary bar but don’t want to compromise on health.

What are the 6 available flavors?

Peanut caramel & white chocolate
Peanut caramel & white chocolate
Caramel chocolate
Caramel chocolate
White chocolate cookies & cream
White chocolate cookies & cream
Banana dark chocolate
Cookie dough caramel
Cookie dough & caramel
Peanut caramel & white chocolate

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The bars

We can add functionality to any type of bar.

Looking for a low-carb, keto, vitamin/mineral-fortified or meal replacement bar? Or maybe you need a low-glycaemic option? Do you have a unique functionality in mind? Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to develop it, make it delicious and put your stamp on it in terms of branding and design.

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