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Croatia. Land of collaboration.

Working together closely, in a local atmosphere, producing the best protein bars? Have a look at our job opportunities in Croatia!

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Croatia: why it's worth it to work with us

EMPWR Croatia Production

From innovation to production

There are no limits to the innovations we can bring to the customers across the globe, thanks to our team of R&D experts. From laboratory- to commercial-scale of high-protein bars, each project comes with its own set of challenges. Providing an effective and successful scale-up process that leads to a fortunate product launch is an art that EMPWR masters.

Once the development is done the stick is passed to our Operations teams. We may have a state-of-the-art facility in Nova Gradiška, but it’s the hundreds of people that come in every day who make it run. Their relentless effort makes the bars come of the line. Growth is fun but keeping up with growth isn’t easy. It’s the hard work of these women and men that makes the EMPWR story the success story it is today.

EMPWR Croatia Strength

Difference is a strength

Our operations in Nova Gradiška have grown exponentially the last years. Our culture of equality and diversity is a very important success factor for that growth. We let people shine through their actions, not by their gender, race, beliefs or anything else.  Those differences bring us insights and strength and it’s those differences that we nurture and that allow us to build a strong foundation.  

EMPWR Croatia sports

We are part of our community

We believe that our responsibility goes beyond the factory walls all the way to the community. Whether it is through sports, culture, or events, we give back to the society.  A thriving local community is a breeding ground for a successful business.

EMPWR Next generation

Together for the next generation

Running a household combined with work can be challenging. That’s why we support those that start and raise a family. Looking after the next generation is one of the best ways to secure a good future. Therefore, over the years, we have developed a number of initiatives to modestly help and support.

Map EMPWR Croatia

Where we work

In our hub in Zagreb, we’ve gathered a compact team of experts with supporting functions. This location gives us access to talents who live in the Croatian capital. We operate from 5th floor of the Petrius Center, which is easily accessible from any direction and close to the Zagreb airport.

In Nova Gradiška we work hard to produce the best bars, but we also know how to have good fun. Our teambuildings, Kids Days, Christmas parties, and other events are just a few examples. On top, we give a hand when our employees start a family and also support them with several leisure initiatives.

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