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Job Description

The EMPWR values reflect the spirit and company culture: ‘Raise the bar’, ‘Growing together’ and ‘Living the passion’.

Constantly pushing themselves, their clients, and the creativity of their employees, EMPWR instinctively aims for better, healthier, and tastier. They believe in a world of positive growth for both individuals and companies. This is EMPWR’s way to reach a happier, healthier world in a sustainable manner.

In order to shape the future of their ambitious scale-up company, EMPWR wants to strengthen the team with Demand Planner.

An Unarmed Security Guard plays a critical role, you will play a crucial role in maintaining a secure and safe environment within the food manufacturing facility. Your primary responsibility will be to protect the premises, employees, and assets from potential security threats during the designated night shift.

A Day in the Life

  • Perimeter Security: Conduct regular patrols of the facility's perimeter to deter unauthorized access and ensure the overall security of the premises.

  • Access Control: Monitor and control access points, verifying the identity of individuals entering the facility, and ensuring compliance with security protocols.

  • Surveillance: Utilize surveillance systems to monitor and assess activities within the facility. Report any suspicious behavior, incidents, or breaches promptly.

  • Emergency Response: Respond to alarms, emergencies, and incidents promptly and appropriately. Coordinate with local authorities if necessary and assist in implementing emergency response procedures.

  • Report Writing: Maintain detailed and accurate logs of security activities, incidents, and any irregularities observed during your shift. Provide thorough reports for the security supervisor and management.

  • Customer Service: Interact with employees, visitors, and contractors in a professional and courteous manner. Provide assistance and information as needed while upholding a positive and approachable demeanor.

  • Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies. Report any safety hazards or concerns to the appropriate personnel.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with other security personnel and departments to maintain a cohesive security strategy and respond effectively to potential threats.

  • Other duties as assigned.

What You Bring

  • Security Experience: Previous experience in security, law enforcement, or a related field is preferred.

  • Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for effective interaction with team members, employees, and external contacts.

  • Observational Skills: Keen attention to detail and strong observational skills to detect and respond to potential security threats.

  • Reliability: Dependable and punctual, able to adhere to the assigned night shift schedule consistently.

  • Physical Fitness: Capable of conducting regular patrols and responding to emergencies, which may involve standing, walking, and lifting.

  • Crisis Management: Ability to remain calm and composed during emergencies and follow established crisis management protocols.

  • Legal Compliance: Familiarity with local laws and regulations related to security operations.

There are many reasons to work at EMPWR, such as:

1. Competitive starting pay at $19.00/hour with a $2.50/hour shift differential for night shift.

2. 11 paid holidays

3. Opportunities for career advancement within a growing company.

4. Positive and collaborative work environment.

5. Comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance and retirement plans.

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The USA: why it's worth it to work with us


Challenge the status quo

We are building something really special in the United States, to challenge the status quo of nutritional bars and prove that they can be delicious. Our operations are expanding rapidly, and we are looking for the best people to work with us on our ambitious growth plans!


Job security

Job security in a safe and pleasant working environment: the growth we foresee in our volumes the coming years is big! Therefore, we are able to secure jobs because we are in need of many hands and brains to make it all come together.

EMPWR USA McMinnville

Where we work

The facility

In McMinnville, the growth in operations has given us a new breath that allows to expand our operations and modernize our equipment. The future looks bright, and that vibe makes it an exciting spot to be for our entire team here in the U.S.

The R&D center

Our growing R&D center is where the team can make and evaluate prototypes for our customers and the growing nutrition bar industry. This onsite center allows us to immediately evaluate the test results and to rapidly push our innovations one step further. All employees are encouraged to taste new prototypes and share their thoughts.

We’re situated in the south end of McMinnville, a historic town in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Not many cities here are as lucky to be just 45 minutes away from the big city, the mountains, and the ocean. An easy commute from all directions, without traffic jams.