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As a Packaging Production Manager, you will be the driving force behind our packaging operations. Your expertise in packaging processes and materials will be instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the production department. This role involves overseeing various aspects of production, with a primary focus on packaging efficiency and quality.

Key Responsibilities:


·         Lead and optimize packaging processes to meet production schedules and quality standards.

·         Conduct in-depth analysis of packaging productivity, recommending and implementing improvements to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

·         Oversee rigorous testing of packaging materials and methods to ensure technological feasibility and compliance with industry standards.

·         Ensure accurate and timely recording of packaging data.

·         Maintain and troubleshoot packaging equipment and machinery to ensure they operate safely and efficiently.


·         Coordinate work schedules for packaging teams, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

·         Develop and implement ongoing training programs for production staff to enhance their skills in packaging processes.


·         Implement and enforce occupational safety, environmental protection, and fire protection measures within the scope of packaging operations.

·         Ensure strict adherence to quality and safety standards for packaging materials and processes.

What you bring


·         Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

·         Minimum of 5 years of experience in packaging production management within the food industry.

·         Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a focus on packaging processes.

·         Excellent organizational and leadership abilities.

·         In-depth knowledge of relevant regulations and industry best practices in packaging.

·         Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across teams.

There are many reasons to work at EMPWR such as....

There are plenty of reasons to work at EMPWR, such as:

  • A steady job with attractive pay

  • Healthcare, dental, vision, paid holidays, employer contributed 401K.

  • Good training, continuous coaching, and career advancement.

  • A modern working environment in which your safety and well-being are paramount


At EMPWR, we participate in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with your Form I-9 information to confirm that you are authorized to work in the U.S.

En EMPWR, nosotros participamos en E-Verify y proporcionáramos el gobierno federal la información de su Formulario I-9 para confirmar que usted está autorizado para trabajar en los E.E. UU..

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The USA: why it's worth it to work with us


Challenge the status quo

We are building something really special in the United States, to challenge the status quo of nutritional bars and prove that they can be delicious. Our operations are expanding rapidly, and we are looking for the best people to work with us on our ambitious growth plans!


Job security

Job security in a safe and pleasant working environment: the growth we foresee in our volumes the coming years is big! Therefore, we are able to secure jobs because we are in need of many hands and brains to make it all come together.

EMPWR USA McMinnville

Where we work

The facility

In McMinnville, the growth in operations has given us a new breath that allows to expand our operations and modernize our equipment. The future looks bright, and that vibe makes it an exciting spot to be for our entire team here in the U.S.

The R&D center

Our growing R&D center is where the team can make and evaluate prototypes for our customers and the growing nutrition bar industry. This onsite center allows us to immediately evaluate the test results and to rapidly push our innovations one step further. All employees are encouraged to taste new prototypes and share their thoughts.

We’re situated in the south end of McMinnville, a historic town in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Not many cities here are as lucky to be just 45 minutes away from the big city, the mountains, and the ocean. An easy commute from all directions, without traffic jams.