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Let’s grow together

Build your own career, we will empower you. Developing yourself and making an impact are crucial, because when you’re growing into the best version of yourself, so are we.

Work at EMPWR

Whether you want to…

  1. Build for the future in one of our production facilities in McMinnville (USA) or Montréal (Canada)

  2. Make an impact at our offices in Ghent (Belgium) or Zagreb (Croatia)

  3. Be a part of our warm community in Nova Gradiška (Croatia)

… you’ve come to the right place. Because it takes a lot of passionate people to shape the future of healthy snacking;
From curious innovators and entrepreneurial salespeople to production staff focused on delivering high quality products. Just to name a few.

Different locations, plenty of opportunities

With locations in Belgium, Croatia, the USA and Canada, the odds are that we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you somewhere.

Select your region to view the local job openings.

Why you should work with us

  1. We’ll fulfill your hunger for impact

    Not only do we surround ourselves with people who share the same passion for bars, they also have a similar drive and ambition... to build our common future.

  2. We‘re in this together.

    Whatever role you have, there’s room to grow into the best version of yourself. We’re not big fans of corporate hierarchy and we want to create an environment where people can take risks and learn from failure. We’ll push you – if needed, and we’ll have your back – always.

  3. We’re a warm community

    Great teams make great bars. It sounds cliché, but we understand the importance of a warm community. Whatever team you’ll join, we’ll make sure you will always feel welcome… and empowered to speak your mind.

Different locations, plenty of opportunities

To continue growing and to show the world that nutritious products can actually be delicious are two of our key ambitions. With a presence in several countries in both Europe and North America, and an expanding track record, we prove these are not idle words.


Belgium. Small country, big ambitions.

Here’s where our food scientists create prototypes, they eagerly share with the product team. Where finance stands alongside the whiteboard to agree on the weekly deliverables. Where our strategy is determined and where the product team scopes the dreams of our customers. Our headquarters are based in Ghent.


Croatia is raising the bar in production.

One team at two locations: Zagreb and Nova Gradiška.
The Nova Gradiška site is a state-of-the-art facility operated by our dynamic teams producing high-protein bars that are both delicious and nutritious. With the support of a team of food scientists, replenishers, customer service, buyers, planners, and many more on site and at our Zagreb office.

going beyond protein bars

The USA & Canada: going beyond protein bars

We’re building something special in North America, to challenge the market standards and live up to our ambitions to provide different types of delicious and nutritious bars to the world.

In McMinnville and Montreal, we have the ability to create amazing products beyond the scope of protein bars. That’s why both sites were acquired in 2022. Granola, cereal, crisp, nuts, ... You name it and we can create it.

Do you want to help build the future of McMinnville U.S.A.? Or do you fancy a job in Montréal, Canada?