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Welcome to EMPWR Nutrition, we aspire to become the global leader in development & co-manufacturing of bars in the healthy snacking segment,

Based in Ghent, Belgium, our company was founded in March 2020 and has experienced remarkable growth ever since. We produce some of the most iconic and leading brands in Europe, setting the standard for taste and texture in the market. As a contract food manufacturer, we offer a wide range of possibilities within the protein bar segment, leveraging our unique manufacturing and product development capabilities to deliver superior products that are not only nutritious but also delicious.

In March 2022, we expanded our operations to North America by acquiring the McMinnville, OR facility, where we plan to employ 200 staff by Q3 (part of a total workforce of 800). With projected global sales turnover over 280M$ in 2023 (of which 73M$ realized in the USA), EMPWR is a star player in the industry. Join our dynamic team and help us continue to grow and innovate!

Inventory Control Coordinator


As an Inventory Control Specialist, you will play a vital role in ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory data within our warehouse. You will be responsible for managing inventory records, coordinating stock movements, and supporting the efficient flow of goods through our supply chain. Your meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach to problem-solving will contribute to the overall success of our operations.


·         Maintain and update inventory data in the inventory tracking tools.

·         Conduct routine cycle counts and physical inventory checks to validate inventory accuracy.

·         Collaborate with procurement and purchasing teams to facilitate timely stock replenishment.

·         Work closely with warehouse personnel to coordinate inbound and outbound stock movements.

·         Generate inventory reports and analyze data to identify trends, discrepancies, and opportunities for improvement.

·         Ensure compliance with inventory control procedures and health and safety regulations.

·         Participate in process improvement initiatives to enhance inventory management efficiency.

·         Support other warehouse and logistics activities as required.

What you bring


·         Proven experience in inventory control, materials management, or a similar role.

·         Familiarity with warehouse management systems (WMS) and inventory tracking software.

·         Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with acute attention to detail.

·         Excellent communication and teamwork abilities to collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

·         Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple tasks efficiently.

·         Knowledge inventory management best practices.

·         Self-motivated and proactive approach to work with a continuous improvement mindset.

There are plenty of reasons to work at EMPWR such as...

There are plenty of reasons to work at EMPWR, such as:

  • A steady job with attractive pay

  • Healthcare, dental, vision, paid holidays, employer contributed 401K.

  • Good training, continuous coaching, and career advancement.

  • A modern working environment in which your safety and well-being are paramount


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The USA: why it's worth it to work with us


Challenge the status quo

We are building something really special in the United States, to challenge the status quo of nutritional bars and prove that they can be delicious. Our operations are expanding rapidly, and we are looking for the best people to work with us on our ambitious growth plans!


Job security

Job security in a safe and pleasant working environment: the growth we foresee in our volumes the coming years is big! Therefore, we are able to secure jobs because we are in need of many hands and brains to make it all come together.

EMPWR USA McMinnville

Where we work

The facility

In McMinnville, the growth in operations has given us a new breath that allows to expand our operations and modernize our equipment. The future looks bright, and that vibe makes it an exciting spot to be for our entire team here in the U.S.

The R&D center

Our growing R&D center is where the team can make and evaluate prototypes for our customers and the growing nutrition bar industry. This onsite center allows us to immediately evaluate the test results and to rapidly push our innovations one step further. All employees are encouraged to taste new prototypes and share their thoughts.

We’re situated in the south end of McMinnville, a historic town in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Not many cities here are as lucky to be just 45 minutes away from the big city, the mountains, and the ocean. An easy commute from all directions, without traffic jams.