Why we’re different | Empwr

Why we’re different

Our products make us unique. We are proud to say - more than once - that we only make bars we love to eat ourselves. We want to revolutionize the world of healthy snacking and we’re making good progress. This ambition helps us to empower companies with that same hunger for action.


From Europe to North America and beyond

We raise the bar. Again and again. And we do it together with some of the world’s leading protein bar brands, and maybe also with you in the future.

With offices in Ghent (Belgium), Zagreb (Croatia) and production facilities in Nova Gradiška (Croatia), Montreal (Canada) and McMinnville (USA) we have enough power to push the throttle and speed up the market’s pace.


Quality is non-negotiable

Our European facility holds higher level IFS and BRC certificates, including a RSPO certificate as well as halal or kosher certificates (upon request). Our North American facilities are SQF certified and are able to handle halal, kosher, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Growing together

Growing together, dreaming bigger

From thinking to producing. From advice to decisions. From the very beginning we will empower you to create the best bar possible in a world that is far from saturated with nutritional bars.

We are known to dream big, pro-actively expanding production capacity and moving into new territories. Wherever the consumer is, is where we want to be.

Our team

EMPWR Nutrition Group

The history of EMPWR Nutrition Group goes back as far as 1993, where the production of protein powders was our main business. Many years later with the changing market and uprising of the lifestyle consumer for nutritious products, we launched ourselves into the protein bars as well. As we grew rapidly, in 2020 we decided to create EMPWR as a stand-alone spin-off focussing solely on the bars.

Our goal? Leadership in the fast-growing business of nutritional bars.